Well the first cold snap of the fall is here; however the water is warm 78 even though the air was in the 60s. Great swimming weather. You know it’s spring when the swallows return to Capistrano, you know it’s fall when all the black sausage suits return to Lucky’s Lake swim, although the majority of the folks today made it fine just wearing their speedos.

Many congrats to Gene Augustin (age 85)  set the 85-89 lake swim record with a time of 42:46. Strong work Gene!

Don’t forget to sign up for the Lucky’s Lake Frogman Night OPS 5K swim on Saturday November 12th. All the proceeds go to the Navy Seal Foundation.  You don’t have to swim the entire 5K you can be on a relay and do as much as you want.  For more information click here. This is  a World Open Water Swimming Organization sanctioned event (first sanctioned event we have ever hosted at Lake Cane). Do not miss this one.  It’s dark, it’s cold and the lake cane monster is tired of feeding on carp, what could possibly go wrong?

If you didn’t see it on facebook Barcroft TV just released a short documentary on Lucky’s Yo-Yo collection.  Life is about choices “put your head in an oven and turn on the gas” or watch the “yo-yo video” nearly 20K people have chosen wisely. Will it get more views than “Piranha attack at Lucky’s Lake Swim” I don’t think so, but you decide.


Gene sets the 85-89 record with a time of 42:46 He stayed in the hot tub longer than his swim time. Well deserved reward.


Operation Christmas Child! A great little charitable thing to do this year. It’s simple fill a box with cool things for a kid (who basically has nothing) and Operation Christmas Child gets it to the kids. A great program that has been going on for years. The YMCA Aquatic Center has boxes you can fill them and drop them off there. I always say I am going to do a bunch and then never get around to it (loser – deeds not words) so this year I planned one and got it done (much better than planning 10 and getting zero completed). You can bet some kid is going to get a yo-yo this Christmas, oh yeah.


Be there or be square, need I say more.