The water temp was finally down into the ” it feels good when I get in range”.  We had well over 120 swimmers and 25 first timers.  Over 8 different countries were represented and we had at least 6 Olympians (Triathletes) join us as well as a couple of world champions thrown in as well.  Scot Moore got to ring the big bell after taking 8 years to get his 100 crossings in and Dobe Cooney broke the woman’s 70-74 age group record also making the Cooney’s a three generation family of Lucky’s Lake Swimmers.  Quite a morning!  Just a reminder the Lake Cane Restoration Society has a board meeting this Thursday at 6:30PM at Pammie’s Sammies.


Dobe Cooney age 72 breaks the 70-74 age group record and becomes the third generation of the Cooney’s to do the swim. She’s smiling because she knows the 75-79 record slot is still open. See you again Dobe in three years.


Lucky photo bombs the Wollongong Wizards group photo. A bunch of Olympians, world class athletes and Lucky.


Scot Moore took eight years to get his 100 and in his one great photo op “naked guy” photobombs him in the shower. Still, it’s better than being photo bombed by “naked Ron” I think everyone would agree.