Regular swim times this week with the exception of Labor Day when we will be swimming at 7:45am.  We are now entering perfect open water swim season which starts around September and goes through mid October. The water temp drops down into comfortable levels, so if you haven’t been out in a while dust off your Speedos and get back into the groove of things.

For those that were wondering who might be taking over the Lochte Speedo contract Click Here



Ray Wiss a Canadian Lucky’s Lake Swimmer just completed his first ironman the Mont Tremblant in Quebec. He has trouble running because he was shot in the knee in Afghanistan. He had to walk the run part ,and he did it in his military fatigues to honor his buddies who didn’t return from Afghanistan. Notice the sliver of green under the official race cap. It is a green Lucky’s Lake Swim cap. How cool. Many congrats Ray and thanks for sharing your story.


Carol Walker scored her 200K shirt and it only took seven years.

Babara Giles

Barbara Giles and her 200K shirt. Ron could not photobomb the picture so at Ron’s request Lucky stepped in for him as a stunt double.


Sara Haugh poses with Buddy the Gator (always swim with a buddy) after completing her 100K. Her husband Tim plans on doing a crossing real soon, but he is building up his endurance first by taking lots of showers. You go Tim!


Judy Montana makes the 100k club (Judy is the daughter of Legendary Lucky’s Lake Swimmer George Mann a.K.a Cypress Sam. They are in a select group of two generations from the same family being in the 100 K club.