Memorial Day weekend is coming up and we will be swimming at 7:45am on Memorial day.  The big event is on Saturday May 28th when the Lake Cane Restoration Society is hosting a celebrate Lake Cane day pancake breakfast after the swim.  Thanks to the herculean efforts of the executive director of the LCRS, Jay Madigan, the society is now a fully functioning 501c Corporation so any donations given are fully tax deductible. The LCRS in partnership with Lucky’s Lake Swimmers (and I might add that 80% of the board of the LCRS are Lucky’s Lake Swimmers) have had many successes over the last few years, lobbying the county for lake treatments which were done to the tune of 300K,  raising funds and purchasing triploid carp which solved the hydrilla invasion problem, blockage of the poison pipeline that would have destroyed Lake Cane, reinstitution of water quality testing preformed by LCRS board members and more.  The LCRS is now working on getting baffle boxes at all points of direct drainage into the lake to catch and prevent trash from entering the water. Needless to say the LCRS will have a donation box set up at the breakfast and we hope all will contribute to help keep the lake swimmable.  As always, the swim and breakfast are free, and you are under no obligation to make a donation. The swim on Saturday will start at the normal 7:45am time.

Thanks to the efforts of Carolyn Upchurch the Lake Cane Restoration Society has a website.  It is up and a work in progress.  You can check it out at

We also have confirmation that the Beattie Lake swim will be continued. June 4th will be the 27th annual Jack Beattie Memorial Lake Swim.  I have attached the flyer below.  A great swim and a fantastic pancake breakfast afterwards.  If you have not been to the swim in the past don’t miss this opportunity and if you have swam before you should attend this year as a great way to honor Jack.  See the Growing Bolder  video of the Jack Bettie lake swim by clicking here.

We have had several questions regarding the proper way to identify grass eating carp from flesh eating carp.  Sources say that the marking of the two types of carp are extremely similar making absolute identification very problematic.  The hot tub brain trust, fortunately, has devised a near fool proof test.  We will be letting Ron enter the water first before each lake swim.

All the cool folks will be there.

All the cool folks will be there.

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