If you have not heard, Gene Augustin our oldest consistent swimmer (1000K club member) and head pancake cook, recently had emergency heart surgery (yes, they did find one when they operated).  A quadruple bypass with a half twist and he nailed the finish.  Gene is recovering nicely now, and Tom states he is well enough to toss out some insults. (Sadly the surgeons were planning on adding a cantankerousectomy to the bypass, but they ran out of anesthesia machine tokens. and had to close him up too soon to complete the second procedure.) Gene our thoughts and prayers are with you for a rapid recovery, and return to the lake (because Ron thinks he is in charge now).

Congrats to Garfield Thomas who lower his own 75-79 record to 19:24 doing a dark swim. He also got his white cap (not so easy to do when you live in the UK, the commute time is wicked) Check out our record board.

Don’t forget we are T minus 7 days to our EAT-PRAY-SWIM event.  It starts at sunrise on Easter Sunday (come a few minutes before sunrise to get the best seats).  You don’t have to swim to attend. Please feel free to bring family and friends. Also bring a folding chair, blanket or throne to sit on. All offerings will be donated to our local Matthew’s Hope this year. (a great charity with an excellent mission)

Eat Pray Swim

We guarantee weather for this great event. Don’t forget to bring your hearing aids, speedos and appetite.


Candee Crowe scores her 200K club shirt. Congrats!!!



With the headband and leg warmers Gene looks like he is ready for an 80s aerobics class. All someone needs to do is start blasting in his room “Girls just want to have fun” and the moves will start.