The Fourth of July weekend (nothing like timely reporting) was a blast. We had 21 people partake in the “Ironman” which was 7:45am swim on friday, movie and midnight swim friday night and Fourth of July swim at 7:45am. As promised their picture is below (Ron, now that he’s back in town from the 4th holiday, tells me he is pretty sure he did all three swims too, sorry no, we can’t photoshop you in). The movie (The Host) left something to be desired. Lucky clearly enjoyed it the most or at least the 85% of it that he slept through. He promises that he will actually preview next year’s movie to make sure it rises to the standard of the midnight swim.

New records have been set. Alyce Vogel busted her own 80-84 age group record by 2 minutes with a time of 38:32. She blamed riptides and undertows for slowing her down in her previous record. Swimming superstar Eric Christensen becomes the first person to hold records in two age groups at the same time. He currently holds the men’s 35-39 record with a time of 12:10 and just broke the 40-44 record by over two minutes with a time of 12:07 proving that swimmers are like fine wine (aging only improves them). Eric still has his eye on reclaiming the fastest time and vows to return when the water temp is a bit more civilized. Eric’s son Andrew Christensen blew away his own 10 and under record by nearly two minutes dropping the time to 15:36. This means now all the mens records are now under 16 minutes until you get to the 60+ age groups. CURRENT RECORDS HERE

If you have not seen this montage of photos and videos from Lucky’s Lake swim it’s worth the watch. A drone was used on a random Saturday lake swim and got some fantastic bird’s eye view shots as well as taking out two terrorists hiding in the cattails. The video was shot and edited by Gary Comstock, who has not swam the lake,  but has it on his bucket list. Personally we think he was checking for the Lake Cane Monster before he decides to swim. View the Video here.

Congrats to several individuals who now have a halo of yellow around their names and are official members of the 100K club, the coolest club in the world (sorry all you mouseketeers we have moved on). New 100 K club members are the following (listed in no particular order, except those that gave big tips to Lucky got listed first): Scott Aaron, Derek Grieve, Jon Rawlson, and Angela Heyne

Mark you calendars we are doing a pancake breakfast swim on Saturday July 18th to help out Gene  with his post cancer treatments expense.  His cancer is cured but the post treatment expenses might end up killing him. Come join us for a swim and breakfast and give a donation.   Gene has been our head cook for most of our pancake breakfast swims and he has been in charge of the Lake Cane Restoration Society. Gene’s hard work has kept our lake swimmable.

Are you one of those people that sit back and look at others giving back to the world and think what can I do to help out or do you just have another beer and wait for the feeling to pass. Well, for those teetotalers out there that have no options, consider this worthwhile endeavor . . . UP WITH PEOPLE. So you say what’s up with that? Keep on reading.

About Up with People
Up with People is a unique, non-profit global education, community service, leadership and performing arts program that takes students from around the globe on a 6-month, multi-continent, tour. During the 6-month tour, about 120 students from 20 different countries will travel to a new destination each week, living with local host families for a true cultural immersion experience. Members will spend a few days each week working with local community members on various volunteer and service projects. In addition, they will be a part of a live, high energy, family friendly, show featuring songs and dances from around the world and eras music from the 60s to today and Up with People originals.

Hosting An Up with People Participant
Up with People has a special cast of 120 students representing 20 different countries arriving in Orlando on August 3 to participate in volunteer projects, live with local host families and perform an international show. Host families are needed to house this special cast during their visit. Get involved in this incredible opportunity by hosting one or more of our cast members! Hosting is fairly simple and includes providing the following from August 3 – August 10:
· A place to sleep
· Breakfast and dinner
· Limited local transportation
· Open atmosphere to share cultures and customs

Your family will also receive two (2) complimentary tickets to our show for hosting. If you are interested in bringing the world into your home or would like more information about hosting please visit or call 719.424.6289.

Link to website

Program Overview:
Show Overview:


Angela Heyne makes the 100K club


Lucky dominates in the Special Olympics pool party on July 4th after the swim.


Lucky with Isaiah and and girl with scarf from Up with People.


Scott Aaron makes the 100K club


Derek Grieve makes the 100K club


Enjoy a pancake breakfast swim for Gene on Saturday July 18th.  Gene is still battling the after effects of his cure for Pancreatic Cancer. 


The “Ironman” people 3 swims in 24 hours

Jon Rawlson Makes the 100K club!

Jon Rawlson makes the 100K club!


Just one of the amazing drone shots of Lucky’s Lake Swim see the video HERE