This is the last order to go out for the Custom Lucky’s Lake Swim Suits (they have to batch order these) . . . you know you want one.  Total Team Wares will not do another reorder until 2016!!!!.  There are several styles to choose from (but currently not the thong, Dave Heffernan ordered 5 thongs and the minimum order is 12, perhaps Ron you could step up).

You must place your order with Total Team Wares by  JUNE 19th or you will be moved to the loser side of the lake.

CALL NOW  407-644-1333  Tell Bart you want the Lollypop boy discount (There is no such thing, but it gets Bart all flustered and I like that).

Audrey displays the backside of the Lucky's Lake swim Suit. Lucky did the same pose but Jacquie said the world was not ready for that image.

Super model Audrey displays the backside of the Lucky’s Lake swim Suit.