May 9th is next Saturday and this is our grandest event (at least for the next 25 years) and we would like every lake swimmer possible to show.  The Orange County Historical Society will be proclaiming Lucky’s Lake Swim as a historical event for Orange County. We are trying to break the record of the most swimmers to do the swim which stands at 242, so bring all your swimming friends.  There will be a free pancake breakfast (you don’t have to swim to eat).  Free yoga class at 8:45 AM (for those that forget their suits or just want more after the swim). Photo ops with one of the Olympics greatest legends, Rowdy Gaines. We will be timing so some records should fall.  All swimmers will receive a commemorative sticker as well as a refrigerator magnet from the historical society (Woo Hoo it’s a SWAG swim)  We will have some press in attendance, and someone filming a short documentary of the event. You will regret not showing up for this one (Lucky maintains a very detailed enemies list).  It’s very easy to determine if a conflict should keep you from the swim, if the funeral is for a family member or close friend then swim; however if the funeral is yours then you will be excused from the swim.

Lucky will be gone on a medical mission trip next week in the Dominican Republic, but contrary to rumors Lucky WILL be back for the swim, he just won’t be returning emails next week.  Never fear the set up for the event is in the good hands of the 100 K club members and it will be awesome.

We look forward to seeing everyone SATURDAY AT 7:45AM!!!!

Time is rapidly ticking down for those that wish to order your Lucky’s Lake Swim suits. You have only until May 6th to get your order in and then no more opportunities until next year. Call Total Team Wares at 407-644-1333 and become one of the envied.



We had three 80+ swimmers in the water today and the good looking one (sorry not Gene or Charlie – Gene I know you were voguing for the camera ) Alyce Vogel set a new lake swim record for the 80-84 women with a time of 40:49. Strong work Alyce.




We will have a collage history of the last 25 years of the lake swim. Come and see if you made the history boards on Saturday.


The lake swim adds another Olympian to the wall-of-fame. Gunther Osorio swam for the Cuban Olympic team in the Sydney Games. He will be moving to town in about a month and it gets even better. He likes playing underwater hockey – awesome!


The poster says it all.  This is the one Lake Swim you don't want to miss.

The poster says it all. This is the one Lake Swim you don’t want to miss.