Please mark May 9th as a red letter swimming day as the Orange County Historical Society will be there to proclaim Lucky’s Lake Swim as a historical event for Central Florida (yes we have been doing it for more than a quarter a century). It would be nice to get a great turnout (and maybe set a numbers record). Rowdy Gaines, triple gold medalist and NBC Olympics sportscaster will be attending and swimming and hopefully we will have some other Olympians as well.

Rory O’Connor (one of the Frogman swim coordinators) stopped by this week and presented Lucky’s Lake Swim a cool shadow box housing a big knife in appreciation for hosting the virtual Frogman swim. Lucky accepted the award and took full credit for everything (even though he clearly had nothing to do with any of it, and was likely in bed when everyone was doing the swim) he offered to host another virtual Frogman again as long as other people did all the work and he receives all the credit (sounds like a politician in the making) Many thanks to all those that worked hard making the virtual frogman a success, if you make an appointment Lucky may let you gaze upon his shadowbox. The inscription on the shadowbox reads “In case of gator break glass” or something like that. It was hard to read as Lucky was clutching it very close to his body.

It happened on the dock:

Visitor “What a beautiful sunrise I need to get a picture”

Dave Heffernan “If you want beautiful picture wait for me to take off my shirt”

Fast thinking swimmer “better make sure she has a wide angle lens”

Dennis Robinson 2

Congrats to Dennis Robinson the latest inductee into the 100K club.




The Easter Swim made the news. Thanks to Larry Peck for sending in the Photo.



Lucky accepts an award, but concedes (while under the influence of Sodium Pentothal) that many folks other than him deserves the award.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 10.11.18 PM

Congrats to all the Lucky’s Lake Swimmers that swam the Lido Key event.