Well, 27 brave souls swam into the new year braving the wind and waves (up to 3 inch swells) and frigid waters – 67 degrees  (know Don will make some snarky comment about how he is swimming in 37 degree water in the serpentine, but that is only thirty degrees colder than us, and if you use “Kentucky math” and take away the zero, which everyone knows represents nothing, then he is really only swimming in water 3 degrees colder, which is really no big deal; therefore stop all the chest thumping Don) .  Today was our “official” (this means if Sam says we have to do it then it becomes “official”) swim without a wetsuit day.  About half the folks did the swim sans wetsuit, while the other half were supposed to make an L shape with their fingers, and hold it to their foreheads during the photo to designate that they were losers; however we realized that it was all the people  that did not attend that were the losers. (If Ron can get his butt out of bed and drive the 350 feet to come to the lake swim then so should you . . . wait, Ron’s is not in the photo . . . never mind.)

Reminder the Lake swim is at 7:45am tomorrow (friday) and Saturday.  Back to the regular swim schedule on Monday.

27 Swim into the 2015 New Year at Lucky's Lake swim.

27 Swim into the 2015 New Year at Lucky’s Lake swim.