Apparently this weekend open up the first salvo of record breaking for 2014; as we had four new records set today.  Charlie Weatherbee smashed the 80-84 record held by Gene Augustin dropping the record from 39:22 to an amazing 17:52.  Kathleen Fitzgerald broke her own record in the 60-64 age group, shaving 50 seconds off the old standard, with a time of 20:42.  There were also two first time records set as well Eva Wolpert set the girls 11-12 record with a time of 20:20 and eight year old Elle Giadlesberper set the girls ten and under record with a time of 27:13.  Congrats to our record breakers.  Lake Swim records can be viewed by clicking here.

Reminder: Memorial Day swim will be at 7:45 AM.

Many thanks to Brad Pace, when he learned one of his carp named Darryl might have been pelicanized, he paid for another Darryl to keep the count at a constant 100.  If you would like to name a carp please go here. We still need to name about 192 more. Word on the street is that if you name a carp they will protect you from gators, unless you give them stupid names like the character names from H. R. Pufnstuf, then they direct gators toward you.

Record breakers at Lucky’s Lake Swim  Charlie Weatherbee, Elle Gianlesberper, Eva Wolpert, Kathleen

Record breakers at Lucky’s Lake Swim Charlie Weatherbee, Elle Gianlesberper, Eva Wolpert, Kathleen Fitzgerald

Many have asked over the last year about the video from the Hands Across Lake Cane event, which was held last year. Unfortunately the hard drive the video was downloaded to crashed.  We tried to recover the data but the disk was destroyed in the process.  Happily we did get video from the drone that was flying overhead, but the catch was that it would take several hours to export the file to a usable file format.  Because this was a multi-hour task and I didn’t have any other video to make a neat story out of, I kept putting it off; however this weekend I finally did the processing.  So you can see it here now.  This aerial video was taken while the chain was being set up, unfortunately the drone was not in the air when the chain was completed.  Thanks for your patience while waiting for the video to be posted.  You can see the video here. We raised over $7000 for our local county Special Olympics during the event.