Windy, dull gray and a bit cool, but that didn’t dampen the Easter spirit this year as we had our biggest attendance ever with over 300 folks showing up and we had close to 100 taking the plunge after the service.
We raised $5000.00 for the Ian Supra medical fund (Way to go everyone – Strong Work) and had a great service/swim and fantastic breakfast. The breakfast was phenomenal thanks to our cooks and we went through all the bacon and sausages and 25 lbs of pancake mix (Super big thanks to Kirsten and Larry for the amazing food donation and Ron for all the bakery items). Many thanks to all the volunteers (I am reluctant to list because I know that I will forget some but here goes anyway) Pastor Tom Welch and family, Mi , Hugh Gabriel, Dawn, The Flower Man, Mike Mallamus, Mark Myers, Jay Madigan, Glen, Teri Ratcliff, Kathleen, Gene and Terry Augustine, Chris Supra, Jerry, Sam, Alexa, Audrey, Robin, Barb and Dennis.

So everyone did a great job except someone forgot to put in the weather request (Tom’s Job).  Well it turns out that when Tom woke this AM it was raining so he put in a prayer request for no rain and this worked. Next year we are going to get Tom to be a bit more specific.  We all realize that it didn’t rain, but it could have just as easily snowed and his prayer would have been answered as requested.


Duck is trying to tell everyone who will listen that this is him flying over the dock. Duck is a known prevaricator and not to be believed.

It was just like woodstock . . . sort of.

It was just like woodstock . . . sort of.


Some of our many volunteers. Many thanks! Jerry looks stressed in the photo because he just remembered he promised Lucky that he will start swimming again on Memorial Day and he has 500 crossing to go to make the 1000K club.


Lucky dubbed this this the wimp table as they chose eating breakfast over swimming the lake. Of course if we all were walking around with 1% body fat we might do the same.


Lots of swimmers and one very disappointed surfer. He didn’t catch the first wave. Sorry that was an incredibly bad pun, but I’ve been up since 4:15 AM so I lucky to evn bee able to typ cohair net lhy.


Ian with his girlfriend at breakfast. Ian and family were extremely appreciative of all the support.

Ian Supra with his girlfriend at breakfast. Ian and family were extremely appreciative of all the support.


Thanks to Tom Welch and band for great music and a sermon that made everyone want to eat. 


Why is this man smiling? He’s not eating at Captain D’s or KFC . . . oh yeah the food was free. Yaaaay!