The month of September has been traditionally the best lake swimming month.  The water has cooled but not enough that you need a wetsuit and the clarity of the water is good.  We hope to see many of you for the morning swims.  Although it is dark now when we start the weekday swims we are blessed with Randy Driggers (the dock we swim to)  having placed  a bright light that we can sight on. For  those that have been following the progress of Doc Lucky’s novel “The Immune” it just won it’s third literary award this weekend picking up the gold medal for the Readers Favorites awards in the category of Science Fiction.

Wayward daughters have returned. After over a decade of absence two of the original lake swimmers Sandee Combs and Penny Potter have returned to the lake.

Congratulations to Alyce Vogel who just turned 80. She still swims the lake with us and she was one of the original lake swimmers back in 1989 when we first started. The photo is from the 1960 Sports Illustrated at the US Gymnastics Nationals. Alyce is pictured on the left on the balance beam. How Cool!

We are still looking for more underwater hockey players to join us at the YMCA Aquatic Center at 7:15 on Wed and Fri nights. No experience needed.