Labor day is almost here.  It’s a great day to encourage all of your friends that can’t normally make the swim on weekdays or Saturdays to come on out and they still get to sleep in.


Mary Holloway (shown with Larry Peck) makes the 100K club

Charlie St. Cyr-Paul ( shown with son) makes the 100K club

Help out our local cyclists!!! We are creating a petition to get a bike lane on the very dangerous to ride Turkey Lake Road. Even if you don’t ride the swimmer next to you probably does. The petition can be found at the Wall of Fame next to the coffee shop.


For those of you that have been following the progress of the Zombie Cause, the book The Zombie Cause Dictionary went to the printer yesterday. It should be out in mid October. The photo demonstrates that the Zombie Cause is entering pop culture. The photo to the left is from a Halloween costume catalog . The hot new costume has the kids dressing up as Doc Ruger from the Zombie Cause (compare to Doc Ruger’s photo on the right). Isn’t Halloween scary enough without having your kids dress up like Lucky?