Well it looks like John will finally get his shot at the channel.  Currently he is scheduled for take off at 2AM Friday morning, but there may be a problem.  I have received a disturbing photo from England of the Skipper and his crew.  Apparently they have little experience in channel crossings preferring to concentrate on 3 hour tours.  Strangely the skipper was wearing a Lucky’s Lake Swim 200K club shirt most of the day.  He was asked if he had really swam 200K and he said he must have because he had several of the shirts. Word has it the skipper has now left England and his crew will be doing the swim with John to guide him.  If you want to follow John’s progress at 2am (then you way too much free time on your hands) log into his swim tracker on the web.  Good Luck and may the currents and wind be headed for France.

The Skipper and Crew of John’s channel swimming boat. Thanks to Mark Myers for providing the photo.