Congratulations to all 50 swimmers that set the new 100K relay world record.  They bested the old record by about three hours finishing at 6:55 on Sunday Morning.  Thanks to all the swimmers and volunteers that made this happen. Kudos to the swimmers that got bumped from the relay due to unforeseen issues, for your understanding. Please remember in your angst that Lucky did not get to swim, plus as a bonus you get to swim Lucky’s Lake swim for the next four . . . no five times for absolutely free. If this does not appease you I will be happy to show you the Location of Gene’s house . . . it has not been egged in awhile so it’s due. Also we send congratulations to Ron for his claim that he completed his 200th crossing during the relay on Saturday night . . . he texted me from England to let me know he wanted the 200K shirt for his milestone.

Mark Weeks swam the anchor leg on the relay finishing at 6:55 am on Sunday morning. New World Record


Mark did experience a bite from an aquaslog (underwater zombie) during his swim. We have him in quarantine right now, but the prognosis doesn’t look too good.

John Collingwood is still in a hold pattern off the English coast waiting for his channel attempt.  Weather has been crap and all the swims have been delayed.

John at the coast guard station off the English Channel. He sends his congratulations to the 100K world record holders.

I would like to thank all the swimmers and helpers that volunteered to be zombies this weekend.  We had many great pics and movies made.

We fed all the swimmers that showed up late for their relay slots to zombies.

The YMCA Aquatic Center has won the bid for the 2013 Atlantic Coastal Underwater hockey championships in April.  There is still plenty of time to join Orlando’s local club and participate in this cool event. Many of the players on the team are Lucky’s Lake Swimmers.  We play co-ed but if we had just a few more girls we could field an all female team as well.

Come join us for underwater hockey on Wednesday and Fridays at 7:15 PM at the YMCA Aquatic Center you don’t have to be a member of the Y to play ($5 fee) 1st time is free.