Congratulations to Mark Blechmanour newest member of the 100K Club.

Mark Blechman newest member of the 100K club. He is wearing one of the most awesome shirts I have ever seen. A sure sign of culture and sophistication.

BUMPER STICKERS: there has been a rumor that only cars with Lucky Lake Swim bumper stickers can park in the front yard for the lake swims (although it may seem like it at times and it’s not a bad idea) this is not true.  We, of course, love seeing the bumper stickers on everyone’s car, but we have not made it into a parking decal (That does not mean though that some of our curmudgeon 100K club members will not harass you though).  We also want to let you know that if you need additional bumper stickers for other vehicles you own (perhaps you only drive the Rolls on  Sundays) we are always happy to provide them. We are also happy to replace old worn out stickers. As always, only folks that have earned them can get one!  Lucky’s Lake Swim Bumper stickers still remain the only bumper sticker that cannot be purchased, it must be achieved.

All the cool people have Lucky’s Lake Swim bumper stickers on their vehicles, but you don’t have to have one on your car to park in the yard for the swim. You also don’t have to help feed starving children, but you should.

Don’t forget MIDNIGHT SWIM Tuesday July 3rd.  Movie starts at 10 pm (bring your own drinks)  Zombie Walk into and out of the lake 11:45 (Bring old Tattered Clothes) Midnight swim 12pm.

Bring some old clothes and join us for the zombie walk into the water before the midnight swim. This is a photo a an actual aquaslog (a zombie that has been walking on the bottom of a lake.)

You don’t have to look like the aquaslog  above to participate in the zombie walk in and out of the lake you only need some tattered old clothes.  Video of an aquaslog coming out of lake cane.

Lake swim 7:45AM on July 4th

Party at Lucky’s 5PM July 4h.  We will have plenty of gator meat grilled. (Video of the gator you are eating click here)  If this is not enticing then you can bring whatever you want to throw on the grill.  Please bring a side dish to share.  We will have lemonade and water but if you want something else to drink then bring that.  There will be a slip n slide water slide.  We will have a plunge in the pool for money (sorry Ron, kids only) around 6pm.Water volley ball for adults.  If  If folks want to bring fireworks that’s fine but we shoot them off at the same time (around 9pm) with adult supervision only. Bring family and friends.

July 4th party. We will be serving wild gator not the store bought gator that you find in most of the local grocery stores as above.

If you want to try out underwater hockey then show up early at 4pm and we will have some underwater hockey players pushing the puck before the party.

LuckyBucks Coffee center is open. The Supreme Court has ruled the charge for coffee is not a mandated-donation but a coffee tax. It will allow the coffee center to remain open as long as we call it a coffee tax. Tea drinkers are upset and vow to have the coffee center ultimately turned into a tea center early in November.