Midnight swim on July 3rd  We will watch the Deep Blue Sea at 10PM (bring your own drinks – and please don’t drink alcohol unless you are planning on drowning)  At 11:45 esh we will do a zombie horde walk into and out of the lake (bring old torn up clothes if you wish to be a zombie)  We will then start the swim at midnight. MIDNIGHT SWIM IS FOR EXPERIENCED SWIMMERS ONLY

We will be starting the movie at 10pm – Genre Historical Romance (This is my best guess looking at the poster, I have not seen the film so I could be wrong)

Doc Ruger of the Zombie Cause will be attending the horde entry into the water at 11:45 pm, He enjoys gator hunting when not rekilling zombies.

Fourth of July swim will be at 7:45 AM The real cool people will do both the midnight swim and the early morning swim.

4th of July party at Lucky’s at 5PM.  Bring your swimsuits (we will be playing water volleyball) Bring something to throw on the grill and a dish to share. Family and friends welcome.

We will be having BBQ Gator meat at the party.  World famous gator-chef STEVE CORRIE will be preparing the meat for 48 hours prior to the party.  He guarantees this will be the best gator meat you have ever eaten or quadruple your money back!!

Everyone had a great time at Jack Beattie’s 23rd annual 1mile swim and pancake breakfast. Sean McCormack (100K club member) won the overall swim  and 3 of the top four finishers were members of the 100K club.  We had several folks do the “difficult duo” of Lucky’s Lake Swim followed by Jack’s swim on the same day.

Several Lucky’s Lake Swimmers did a double swimming first at Lucky’s and then at Jack’s. Lucky and Jack are have a contest of who can suck their stomach in most… Jack won

Pete Gold got the yellow halo around his name on saturday and now is a member of the 100K club.

Pete Gold newest member of the 100K club

John Collingwood arrived safely in England and is preparing for his channel attempt around July 12th depending on the weather.  We all wish him much luck.