Several events coming up

This Saturday be sure not to Miss Jack Beattie’s 23rd  annual mile swim and pancake breakfast.  This is a local legendary event that everyone should do at lease once. Will we still be having Lucky’s Lake Swim on Saturday?  Yes, but several swimmers will do both as there is plenty of time to complete Lucky’s Lake Swim and still swim at Jack’s.

                                               RACE STARTS AT 10:30 A.M.

                                                        FOLLOWED BY

                                          PANCAKE BRUNCH UNTIL 1:00 P.M

                         561 VIA LUGANO, WINTER PARK —-407-628-3226 SATURDAY, JUNE 23, 2012                     SEE THE VIDEO

All the cool people will be at Jack’s swim, and others that manage to slip by the bouncers like these three yokels.


Midnight  Zombie Swim on Tuesday July 3rd,  Swim into the 4thof July. We start with the movie at 9:45 PM (you must watch the movie or the swim doesn’t count).  We will be watching the Deep Blue Sea) For those that are willing to bring some tattered old clothes we would like to do a quick zombie horde film (For The Zombie Cause) going into and coming out of the water at 11:45 PM. At midnight we will do the swim (you don’t have to wear zombie clothes to do the swim – you also don’t have to wear a swimsuit either).

Bring old torn up clothes on July 3rd and be a part of a water horde right before the midnight swim.

July 4th swim (yes technically this is the second swim on the 4th if you do the midnight swim) will be at 7:45AM  Thursday and Friday will be normal 6:30 AM times.

Lucky will be having his Annual 4th of July party on (yes you guessed it) the 4th.  5pm to until the Universal Fireworks are over.  Bring something to throw on the grill and something to share.  Bring your suits we will be playing water volley ball.  Friends and families are welcome.

100K relay is Scheduled for July 13-15 We will be trying to break the old world record while John Collingwood takes on the English Channel. For more information about John Collingwood’s Channel Attempt and charity click here. For more information on the 100K relay click here.

Bad Dog – Snickers (The black labradoodle) has been trying to pull cyclists off their bikes by grabbing their arms or legs.  We ask if you could walk your bikes up and down the driveway for safety reasons (the dogs only get weirded out by people on the bikes).  Thanks We will have a sign up shortly to warn folks, but if everyone could spread the word that would be great.

Special Olympics swim season has started and we have a huge team this year with 71 athletes registered.  We can always use more coaches that are willing to get in the water and work one on one with the athletes.  We already have several lake swimmers that volunteer but we could use more.  We practice at 7PM at the YMCA Aquatic center.  If you would like to help talk to Lucky.

Talk to Lucky if you would like to help out with the Special Olympics swim team.

We are playing Under Water hockey now on both Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:15 PM at the YMCA Aquatic center.  Come on out and give it a try. You don’t have to be a member of the Y to play. Non-members of the Y your first time is free after that only $5 per session. see video