Memorial Day Swim (Monday) will be held at 7:45 AM.  Mark your calendars. Swims on all other days will be held at regular times 6:30 AM weekdays and 7:45AM Saturdays.

Congratulations to Lucky!  His novel “The Immune” just won the 2012 International Book Awards for Science Fiction.  He prefers to be referred to as Mr. Orwell from now on. Trivia pearl – The protagonist in the book is an open water swimmer . . . how bizarre?!!?

Doc Lucky’s Book “The Immune” is the 2012 winner of the International Book Awards for Science Fiction.

Digger is back swimming!  His wounds have healed from his tangle with the raccoon and he is faster than ever. More dog news … we believe that Don’s car fell into one of Duncan’s holes he has been digging in the yard.  If you hear any underground honking it is probably Don not a mole.  His car and a mole are about the same size so it might be confusing.

Congratulations to our newest members in the hundred K club and also kudos to John Collingwood who just earned his 500K cap.  John had a nice article in the Sentinel and in the Open Water Source regarding his training for the English Channel.

Brad Pace 100K Club


Debra Sheffield 100K Club member


Rumor has it that Starbucks is threatening to sue Lucky’s Lake Swim if we continue with plans to have coffee available after the swim.  Gene and Ron state that they will only give up the fight when they pry their Styrofoam cups from their cold dead hands. We are scheduled to go online with coffee on Monday, but there may be a Beta test  on Saturday.  Price of coffee has not been determined but should be at cost according to Gene.  Digger will be happy to respond to any complaints about coffee quality etc… so please feel free to discuss any issues you might have with him.

The real reason Ron and Gene want coffee available after the swim.


Yes we will be having a midnight swim on July 3rd at midnight (our 4th annual) Mark your calendars. Movie prior to the swim will be announced later.

Legendary triathlete and Triathlon Hall of Famer Sally Edwards joined us for a swim two weeks ago.  A great gal she hung out  and posed for photos with many of our swimmers.  She says she will return if she is ever back this way.

Hall of Famer Sally Edwards poses btw two lake swimmers.