Triathlon Hall of Fame member Sally Edwards is rumored to be swimming on Saturday at Lucky’s Lake Swim.  So if you want to meet this legendary triathlete come on out and say howdy.

The Special Olympics swimming season starts on May 29th.  We can always use more volunteer coaches for our team.  If you have an interest in helping out please let Lucky know.  We practice Tuesday nights at 7PM at the YMCA Aquatic Center. Eight of our Special Olympics swimmers are signers of the wall of Fame and one is a member of the 100K club.

Heads up on the Ed Gaw swim at Amelia Island on May 26th.  I don’t think its too late to sign up.  You can get info by contacting Scott Mikelson  email

The YCF underwater hockey club is now having practices on Monday and Friday nights.  This is a co-ed non-contact sport that is a blast.  Playing for the first time is like trying crack cocaine you will love it so much you will never want to stop (Ed Note. We are recommending trying underwater hockey not crack cocaine).

Best excuse of the year for not  swimming when you only live 500 ft away.  “I spilled something on my kitchen floor and have to clean it up”  We hope Ron will be able to return to swimming soon after this horrific environmental disaster.  (We of course are assuming that he did not spill plutonium on his kitchen floor. This would be a valid spill excuse and we apologize to Ron for making fun of him if this was the case.}

Ron removes microwave from his kitchen after a nuclear spill that prevented him from swimming this morning.