We are in the halcyon days at Lucky’s Lake swim.  Water temp 78 degrees, good visibility and surface like glass. As an added bonus it is no longer dark for the 6:30 swims.  So what’s your excuse for not being here?

Don’t forget to bring your camera for the photo op with our new mascot at the wall of fame.  If you don’t know what I am speaking of here’s a hint . . . he is 9 feet 7 inches long and has a toothy grin.

Digger the Dog, the most famous Lucky’s Lake Swimmer has been sidelined for a few weeks with a raccoon bite to the leg.  Ron reports Digger is doing well and will be back joining us for a swim in about three weeks.  So now is a great time to swim if you didn’t like coming because the dog was always beating you across the lake. Digger Video

If you don’t know Digger or understand why Lucky doesn’t replace the pop-up head in the hot tub then watch this video.

Lucky will be giving a talk and demonstration on the History of the Yo-Yo at the Downtown Orlando Public Library on Saturday May 5 at 1PM (101 E. Central Blvd).  Bring the kids and have them bring their yo-yos.  The cases at the library will also be filled with items from Lucky’s Guinness World record collection.

As always, thanks for all the lake swimmers that have been volunteering to be zombies in Lucky’s Zombie Cause Documentary.  Hugh and John were nice enough to film last weekend and here are their zombie debuts.  Zombie Cause – Birthday Present             Zombie Cause – Choker

For those that are interested in an excellent sport check out our underwater hockey club at the YMCA Aquatic Center.  We just added Wednesday nights to our playing schedule so you can join us at  7:15PM on Wed or Friday nights.