Just a reminder about the Easter sunrise service and swim at 7AM on Sunday. Make sure you bring a folding chair or you will be sitting on the grass.  Swim and pancake breakfast will follow the service.

Yes, we will be having our normal swim schedule on the weekdays and Saturday of this week.

Doug McCard reports that someone accidentally picked up his wetsuit off the dock this Saturday.  It is an aquasphear sleeveless.  If you picked it up by mistake please let Lucky know. If you picked it up and it wasn’t a mistake then we will be forced to release the flying monkeys on you.

Seb Neumayer returned ten years after swimming the fastest lake cane single crossing of 6:08 He beat Lucky by 6 seconds and it appears that Lucky is still taking the result pretty hard. On the other hand this photo might only be Doc Ruger fighting off another zombie.