First let me say the poison pipeline battle is going well.  City officials have stated publicly that the “that project is dead” at the neighborhood summit on Saturday.  We don’t have confirmation of this from Jim Hunt the project manager though. Go to this link for the most recent details. What we are doing.

The very coooool news is that Lucky’s Lake swim now has an app.  Thanks to David Reagan we now have a smart phone app that tracks your crossings. It also shows what reward level you have achieved. My only problem with with the program was that it would not let me sign on with 15000 crossings (I had to sign up will only 9999). The moral of the story here is to start using the app before you do 10,000 crossings or you may not get full credit. 🙂  Yes this means that I have consumed approximately 176 gallons of lake water over the last 2 decades (makes a fellow kinda glad the poison pipeline is not going in).

Just go to this site on your smart phone <> and sign up.