March 13, 2012

Contact: Victoria Andrew

Cell: 407.353.3797


Doc Lucky Meisenheimer leads the fight against the Orange County’s plans to install a 5 foot drainage pipe capable of discharging 60,000 gallons a minute of poisoned water into Lake Cane, the site of internationally-renowned  Lucky’s Lake Swim.

March 13, 2012- Orlando, FL. – On March 1, Lake Cane residents were notified that the Orange County is installing a 5 foot diameter discharge pipe to spew untreated, contaminated street water filled with oil, fertilizers, and toxins directly into Lake Cane.  This is a city project draining poisons into a privately- owned county lake from one water district boundary into another. The project has been planned for over a year, but Lake Cane residents were not notified until someone noticed contractors surveying the easement area for bids. The city of Orlando has spent over $50K tax dollars developing a project nobody wants and plans to spend up to $700K in completing it.  Ironically, the county has scheduled to spend several hundred thousand dollars in lake restoration. One government is cleaning a lake that another government wishes to pollute.
Not only will this project destroy wildlife, devalue property, and contaminate one of the city’s cleanest lakes, but it will also jeopardize an internationally-recognized event hosted by Doc Lucky Meisenheimer entitled Lucky’s Lake Swim Since 1989, Meisenheimer has led thousands of professional athletes, triathletes, Special Olympians, and fitness swimmers in swimming across Lake Cane from his dock behind his estate every single morning. Each morning, as many as 200 swimmers – often from around the globe – show up for the swim.
In the face of the budding backlash, City Hall has temporarily paused the project while it looks at alternatives. The problem is with the city stormwater system that collects runoff along Vineland Road and channels it to a nearby wetland. The city plan would re-route runoff wastewater from Vineland Road and discharge it untreated through the 5 foot diameter poison pipeline into Lake Cane, an 82 acre spring-fed lake. Roadwaste would be steered through a baffle box. But Doc Lucky and Lake Cane residents proclaim that the baffle boxes only stop visible trash, not pollutants such as oil, gas, heavy metal toxins, grease, weedkillers, and fertilizers.
Doc Lucky is leading the charge with Occupy Lake Cane and the Lake Cane Restoration Society to stop what they call The Mayor Buddy Dyer Poison Pipeline  Today, Doc Lucky and his activist mission were featured on the front page of The Orlando Sentinel:,0,2291511.story
On Wednesday, March 14, there will be a community meeting about the plan at 6pm in the Dr. Phillips High School cafeteria, 6500 Turkey Lake Rd., Orlando, FL 32819.
For interviews with Doc Lucky on how to preserve Lake Cane and stop the Poison Pipeline, contact his representative, Victoria Andrew at or 407.353.3797.