Congratulations to Mayor Buddy Dyer – this public works project has been named after you. You can read more about this fabulous city project at

I have emailed Mayor Dyer my congratulations on his selection as the namesake for this project – you can read the letter here.

Thanks for everyone’s help.  We have been really turning up the heat on the city officials.  Updates can be found on the above web site. Please go to the site and sign the petition. Also if you have some free time Wednesday evening at 6PM we will have a meeting with government officials regarding the Mayor Buddy Dyer Poison Pipeline the meeting will be at the DP high school cafateria at 6PM more info here on the meeting the Mayor Buddy Dyer Poison Pipeline has been added to the agenda.

Remember when speaking of this project always refer to it as The Mayor Buddy Dyer Poison Pipeline, we want to give proper accolades to the mayor.

The water’s fine. So come out for a swim while you sill can.

The city sent this team of consultants to check out Lake Cane. They both agreed poisoning Lake Cane was a good idea. (Seriously, these vultures were at the house looking at the lake yesterday, I really don't know if they were from the city ... but I have my suspicions).