Where we stand on the Poison Pipeline.  At this point I am certain that the bureaucrats are now aware they face some extreme opposition to the project.

There was a report on channel nine news highlighting some of the issues.   Channel 9 Report

Scott Boyd  (Our county commissioner) I know is working hard with the city to find a resolution to the problem, but I have not heard from Scott since Saturday. My understanding is that County Mayor Jacobs is aware of the situation and is on our side, the problem is it is the city’s project not the county.

The local Audubon society is on our side and has been very helpful with providing information.

A 5-foot diameter pipe has the potential to deliver 6000 gallons of polluted water a minute into the lake.  This would fill the average backyard swimming pool in 3 minutes.

We have had innumerable folks state they would volunteer to help prevent the poison pipeline.  Many thanks.

Lucky has set up a meeting with Stumpy Harris to find out what our legal options are if there is not a quick satisfactory political resolution.

Valerie Weise spoke with Jim Hunt (the project manager) today.  He told her that he was placing the project on pause to look at other options (Even though in their own bulletin they state that they have looked at numerous alternatives already).   (The definition of pause is “a temporary stop”, which in bureaucracy-speak means at some point they plan to continue the project).  She did not receive anything in writing and we don’t know how long a bureaucrat considers a pause.  She asked him to contact Lucky, but he did not receive a call.

The Orlando sentinel is doing a story on the pipeline.  They will have a photographer at the lake swim on Saturday morning.  If you are planning on doing a swim at the lake this March make this Saturday your day so we can show support.