If you have not already heard the city has made plans to place a poison pipeline directly into lake cane where we swim.  The plan is for a 5 foot drainage pipe to run road water directly into the lake.  Nothing will take the lake quality down faster that direct untreated water running from a five foot pipe into the lake.  I personally don’t like swimming through oil, gas, lead, used condoms etc…

We of course will fight this and ultimately win.  The city has no support from any of the people, swimmers, environmentalists, lake front owners or businesses in the area.  This is a pointless pipeline to nowhere (city tax dollars another fine use …dripping sarcasm here).

We will be having our first informal meeting regarding the poison pipeline at 7:45 tomorrow AM at Lucky’s Lake Swim.

County commissioner Scott Boyd will be in attendance.  He had been a great supporter of cleaning up lake cane and keeping it a nice lake for everyone to swim.

The water temp is wonderful low to mid 70s so if you have not made it out yet this year it should be a great weekend.