The lake temperature almost made it to 70 the other day and folks were shedding their wetsuits right and left, but the last cold front brought the temp back down again.  We had 35 swimmers last Saturday so the numbers are already starting to pick back up again. The temp is not that bad (67.7) but the pollen levels are high in the water so you might bring a nose clip.

Many thanks to those swimmers that stayed behind to be a zombie horde in our short film a couple of Saturdays ago and special thanks to Mi (victim) and Don (one of the best zombie’s I have filmed)  for filming a couple of fridays ago.

Here are the links to these films.

Zombie Horde

Zombie Salarva

Several folks have said that they were disappointed that they didn’t have an opportunity to be in the horde.  No worries. Lucky will be filming zombie scenes for the next few months and he will need zombies so you will get your chance.

We have an underwater hockey tournament next weekend at the YMCA aquatic center.  Anybody interested in playing let Lucky know.

Open Water race season is rapidly approaching.  If you are hosting or promoting an event let us know so we can let everyone else know.

Rumor has it that we had our first lake cane monster sighting this year. John C. thought he saw something freakishly big cutting through the water at 4:30 AM (my experience has been that folks that are going for a swim at 4:30 am are either drunk, stoned or mentally ill or a combination of the above).  Wisely he chose not to swim that morning.  We’re pretty sure everything is okay in the water as we have had several small people swim since then and none were eaten, but Digger still refuses to swim (perhaps we should listen to the dog). If you have concerns Lucky has some loaner knives.