New Lucky's Lake Swim 100K club members

Well it used to be getting into the 100K club seemed to be a rarity, but now halos of yellow are appearing around so many names that signatures without halos may become the exception rather than the rarity.  So with that introduction we proudly add two more into the now not-so-elite but very worthy 100K club today.

Congratulations to Maureen “Mo” Powers and Dianne O’Neal read their bios here.

Mark Oct 1st on your calendars for the pancake breakfast/1.5 mile swim. Geno would like some volunteers to help out that are not swimming.  If you fall in this category please let him know.  There have been questions on how many crossings does the 1.5 mile swim count for? It will count for two crossings on your log sheet.  If you do it 7 times it will count as 14 and if you do more than that we will start subtracting.