Geno is suffering from missing the lake swims.

Geno (age 80) has been MIA for several days from the lake swim (Trip up north).  He now reports that he is feeling side effects from missing the lake swim. He has sent us this clinical photograph of his rapidly deteriorating condition.  This horrible syndrome Aquaticus Nadatoris Absentus is preventable.  If you look in the mirror and see a similar site it might be time to join us for another swim.  We have heated up the lake so there is no chill in getting in, so what’s your excuse?


Ariel Czesler – Underwater Hockey god in front of the wall of fame.

Ariel Czesler our fearless leader of the local Underwater Hockey club came out for the first time to Lucky’s Lake Swim.  He’s now hooked.  If you see him around ask him about our underwater hockey club that plays every Friday 7PM at the YMCA Aquatic Center on I-drive. See Video. We need more players! It’s Coed. (You can try it out for free and it’s only $5 to play after that if you are not a Y member.) If you would like to experiment with pushing an underwater hockey puck after a Saturday Lake Swim ask Lucky as he has extra gear and you can try it out in his pool.

We have two new 100K club Members, Volker and Jim Hasley : Read their bios here in the 100K club member bio section. Many congratulations.  I know there are a couple of folks that are not listed in the 100K club that have earned the right.  Please remind me who you are as I have forgotten.

Volker 100 K club member

Jim Hasley 100 K Club member

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Lucky’s Lake Swim.  It’s a fun way to track your visits.