There are a couple of questions about the particulars of the event so here is my best attempt to clear these up.

The midnight swim is on Sunday July 3rd.  The movie starts at 10pm (you must bring your own refreshments) we will swim the lake a midnight following the swim. There are absolutely no bragging rights if you do not watch the movie before the swim.  If you show up at midnight just for the  swim  you will be shunned by other swimmers and a pox will be set upon you.

The movie is Piranha (not the one we filmed on lake cane, but the one shown in theaters).  The movie is rated R for a reason. If you do not like blood and gore and nudity (film not the swim) then this is not the event for you. If you don’t heed my warnings and have complaints after the movie please locate me in the middle of the lake during the midnight swim and I will consider them thoroughly at that time.

Yes we will still be having a swim on July 4th at 7:45 AM.

Lucky “John” Meisenheimer

In the for what-its-worth column – I have been notified that I am to be inducted into the Eastern Kentucky University athletics Hall of Fame November 11th.  I am very humbled by the honor. I was trying to remember how I ever swam that fast and then I came up with this photo.  Negative one percent body fat and I could eat anything I wanted.  Today I touched a doughnut and it immediately added fat to my belly…I didn’t even eat it I only touched it.