Okay here is the lake swim schedule for the upcoming weekend.

Friday July 1st  7:45 AM

Saturday July 2nd  7:45 AM

Sunday July 3rd  Midnight swim Movie starts at 10PM

Monday  July 4th 7:45 AM swim

Now if you are doing the midnight swim on July 3rd please remember we start the movie at 10pm.  There are no bragging rights for doing the midnight swim unless you watch the movie before getting into the dark deadly waters of Lake Cane.  Now this year we will be watching Piranha (sorry not the 3-D version).  Now this movie is R rated for a reason (Blood and Gore, Some nudity, Blood and Gore and then more Blood and Gore).  So if you are offended by this or are too young to watch then don’t. If your parents are okay with you watching if you are under 17 then fine but you need their permission both to watch the movie and do the swim.

If you are not sure about the movie please watch Piranha Attack at Lucky’s Lake Swim  Now this short film is about the same (including the acting level) except for these four differences 1. Richard Dreyfess is not killed and eaten in the opening scene of the Lake Cane film. 2. There is 1000 times more blood and gore in the movie. 3. There are no college girls with their bikinis constantly falling off  in the Lake Cane version. 4. The piranha in the lake cane version were real whereas the ones in the movie were computer generated.  Hope to see you at the movie and the swim.