Release the Piranha!!! What goes to the bottom of lake cane stays on the bottom of lake cane.

July 3rd  our 3rd annual (and perhaps our last) midnight swim.  Come join us at 10pm and watch a horror film that involves fish feeding on humans. No more hints about the movie, but you can also watch this short film that might give you another clue what the movie will be about. If the short film freaks you out then definitely don’t watch the movie and do the midnight swim this year. The swim will start at midnight after the movie. We were going to order extra body bags for this swim, but then we realized –  what would we put in them LOL Pretty freaking funny if you really think about it.  And, before we get 1000 comments on questioning where the photo was taken I will tell you.  Lake Cane, at least we think it was lake cane.  We found the camera on the bottom and this was the last shot on the screen.  No photographer though?  Weird, it was like he just disappeared without a trace. hummmm?

The 22nd annual Beattie lake swim was a success this Saturday.  Over 80 swimmers attended.  We had at least four swimmers complete both Lucky’s Lake Swim and Jack’s swim on the same day.  Sorry if we missed a few others, but you were probably too busy eating pancakes for the photo. Actually, is was the pancakes that caused Lucky to misplace his 6-pack in the photo. Steve, clearly, had not eaten his pancakes yet. My understanding that the results will be posted on Team Orlando’s web site later this week.
Four members of the “Iron kahunas” club Did both L.L. Swim and the Beattie swim on the same day