Terri Valley started swimming only three years ago about the same time she began doing Lucky’s Lake Swim.  Now a mere three years later she is a member of the illustrious 100K club.  Not bad for someone whose only high school interests were smoking, drinking and chasing boys (her words not mine).  Now she has stopped smoking, drinks only on occasion (limited to days ending in the letter y) and I still need clarification on whether she is still chasing boys (she has apparently caught some over the years so this activity may have lost some of its luster). She currently works for UCF reviewing research grant contracts, which she states is scintillating work and keeps her so busy that she has no time to join a street gang.  In her spare time she raises two kids and sells jewelry on the side (which is apparently legal in the state of Florida the way she does it, but when I try to sell jewelry the owners always contact the authorities).

Lucky’s Lake Swim 100 K club