Gene (Geno) Augustin on Saturday turns 80 and becomes the first octogenarian in the 100 K club (he is currently the second oldest to swim the lake – I believe his goal is, as mine, to be the oldest.  Geno will be swimming Saturday so come on out and join him (for those that say the water’s too cold – remember  Geno has been swimming all winter so your lame excuses will fall on deaf ears – actually if you are speaking to Geno everything falls on deaf ears).  Think you don’t know Geno? Remember these things. He puts out and takes in the buoys on Saturdays, does the pancake breakfasts, maintains the email list, and runs the Lake Cane Restoration Society.  I know what your thinking (I could do all those things, too, if I was retired) Not So! He  works  full time with the company he owns making specialty radar antennas. Yes, the guy’s an engineer, and if you want to have all your neurons fuse and implode your brain, just listen to Mark, Bruce and Geno discussing the mathematics of engineering in the hot tub.  Join Geno Saturday and I promise a great swim, and no math.