Lucky’s Daily Lake Swims have been cancelled due the coronavirus pandemic

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2020 Golden Mile® postponed and more great news!?

It’s official, and I don’t think a surprise to anyone. The Golden Mile® for 2020 has been postponed until October 11. Why? You may ask, well, my answer is here at this link. The new date may cause some conflicts with those that like to celebrate National Sausage Pizza Day on the 11th, but you will still have most of the day to party. We will be conjoining the Golden Mile® with the Rowdy and Lucky 1-mile swim. (To prevent a mass of emails, I will clarify we will not be swimming 2 miles only one. This is unless you email me asking if we will be swimming two miles or two one-mile races back to back, then the answer is, yes, for you only.) We feel this is the best option for everybody. The proceeds will be split between the Lake Cane Restoration Society and the Rosen YMCA Aquatic Center scholarship fund. We will be awarding the gold medals for the overall winners and the winners of the swimmer-of-the-ages divisions. Golden Mile® age group 1-3 awards will also be given for all age groups, and survivor medallions will be presented to everybody that, well, survives.

Lucky’s Lake Swim is still shut down. When will we reopen? Not sure, but if you see hoards of naked people dancing in the streets that is a positive sign, so check the website then.

For those of you that were planning on doing the Trans Am Tri, which begins with a 50K swim at Lucky’s Lake Swim, followed by a 4950 Kilometer bike ride with a sprint finish running 480 kilometers, then you are out of luck. It has been coronavirus canceled. Lucky is bummed because he was getting ready to mail in his entry when he got the notice of cancellation.

Yes the Golden Mile® swag will have to wait until Oct 11th. We are coronavirus canceled. I know what you are thinking “Wow those yo-yos sure would be nice to get me through quarantine without going crazy.” Sorry you still must earn them. So sign up for Oct 11th, swim, and get a yo-yo, and save it for the next pandemic or zombie apocalypse.

And now for the good news about the Coronavirus Pandemic.


That’s about it for the good news, but we will keep you updated.

In other news:

Not liking quarantine? Would you like some fun in isolation? Then Eat Pray Swim’s 10th anniversary is for you. That’s right – Corona Virus will NOT stop us celebrating Easter. Entirely virtually, with the most Reverend Tom Welch will sharing the message of the Risen Christ at daybreak Sunday morning, we will gather in the Spirit – and through technology! That’s the Pray part. Stand by for a link and further instructions on how-to and all that (Tom’s looking for a Grace app).

Now for the Eat part – we all know Geno’s fame as a pancake maker and flipper. It turns out – his recipe for pancakes all these years is “open the box, add water and stir”. Let’s come up with some pancake ideas we can all make at home. We’ll compete by sharing recipes with everyone so we can all eat the pancakes of our dreams on Easter morning. 

The contest includes three categories for recipes – in each category, a winner will be recognized as “an outstanding pancake maker” by food journalist Marta Madigan! As it is Geno’s tradition to cook in an apron, we will have three aprons made as prizes for the winners – each apron with the 10 Year EPS logo. IF you win, IF you are one of the three “outstanding pancake makers” chosen, then we will ship you an EPS apron of your very own!.

Here are the contest rules: 

  1. Submit (post) your pancake recipe to the LCRS website (there will be a link on the Lucky’s Lake Swim website too) by April 9 – please include a picture(s) of you and your pancakes!
  2. Three of the contestants submitting recipes will receive recognition as “outstanding” – and anapron! here are the there categories: 

  (a) Heirloom recipe – can be American or ethnic or whatever Granny taught you to make!

  (b) Healthy recipe – using whole wheat, gluten-free, vegan, whatever you think is healthy – Colorado entries cannot cross state lines! 

  (c) Hilarious recipe – be creative, extravagant, and funny!

  1. Once you winners receive your aprons, please submit a picture of you in your apron (in speedos and apron or bikini and apron optional)

Now for the Swim part! Um…here is the thing. Lucky’s Lake Swim remains closed to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. As you likely know, each year for Easter, we pass the hat for a local charity. Last year and this year, we chose Edgewood Children’s Ranch. Knowing what a bummer it is to miss Lucky’s swim, we ask that everyone consider a donation to the Edgewood Children’s Ranch to show your appreciation for folks on Easter who really need some help. Edgewood Children’s Ranch has helped Orlando-area families and children since 1966 with no government funding, a belief that a relationship with Christ is a key to healing families … our pay pal button makes donation easy PLUS if you wish to purchase EPS 10th anniversary gear; a portion of each purchase will go to Edgewood Children’s Ranch, or you could do both!

What happens when Lucky’s Lake Swim shuts down?  Well, it apparently turns into to a film studio. Here are three “educational” films on coronavirus, two of which feature Pigmaan, and are clearly more disturbing than the current pandemic. 

Need a mask Call BR549 one free with every used car or you You can call Mr. Haney in Hooterville he’ll sell you some fresh made from old quilts. (Filmed a couple of weeks ago, all these masks in the video have been used up) View Video

The truth on how coronavirus spreads. View Video

A educational demonstration of how contagious the corona epidemic has become. View Video



Lucky’s Lake Swim shutting down for pandemic!

For the first time in 30 years, we are shutting down Lucky‘s Lake Swim. I always thought if it happened, it would be to a stampede of invasive crocodiles or The Lake Cane monster. But no, it apparently is due to brand-name beer being served all over the World on china plates, who would’ve thunk it.  We have swam in fog, cold, storms and hurricanes, but a virus broke our backs. Anyway, we are shut down to demonstrate good citizenship and hopefully save some lives along the way. In a few weeks, we will re-open to viral free waters, and partially clad supermodels will be dancing on the shoreline welcoming our return.

We have not decided on the Golden mile yet, but the horizon is looking grimmer as the time goes on. We will let everybody know by at least April 2nd. Just a reminder the Eat Pray Swim Easter celebration has been canceled, we will have a virtual Easter, though, which amazing members of the lake Cane restoration Society board are working hard to put together. More to come. Stay safe, my friends, And thank God for Netflix.

This video demonstrates the extreme contagiousness of the corona epidemic. Please share this science with your friends. Click on the image or this link.

IMPORTANT-Lucky’s Lake Swim-Coronavirus-Cancellations

Hello, Lucky’s Lake Swim Blog followers, normally there is a great deal of hyperbole in these posts, and I want to make it clear that this first section is in all seriousness.  After this section below the red line, we return to the typical absurdity of the blog.

First, I would like to discuss recent closings here in town.  The Rosen YMCA Aquatic Center has canceled all aquatic events through April due to the coronavirus pandemic.  They will remain open for regular programming at this time, which includes Masters Swimming, Underwater Hockey, and Masters Water Polo. They are not, though, allowing out of town visitors to these programs.

EAT – PRAY – SWIM, is canceled for 2020 

Lucky’s Lake Swim our daily swim (for the time being) will remain open; however, I highly encourage you not to swim in the lake unless this is your only option. Chlorinated pools are deemed safe for swimming, and I believe rightfully so. The lake does not have any sanitation processes. It is entirely possible to contract the virus through waterborne exposure. Although there is limited literature regarding this risk, other coronaviruses have had waterborne transmission. We do not want to make Lucky’s Lake swim famous for being the seminal case study for the role of waterborne transmission of covid19. Of course, transmission risk increases with the number of individuals that are in the water at any one time. So my recommendation is if you have another place to swim that is a chlorinated, facility, swim there for the next few weeks. If you are a regular local lake swimmer and you have no other swimming options, then we will remain open, but we ask for out of town swimmers to not participate in the lake swim on their visit to Orlando at this point.

Should the YMCA go to level II in their closures (meaning shutting down the Y for all programming), then we will shut down Lucky’s Lake Swim at that juncture.

Regarding the Golden Mile®,  we are in discussions on this year’s race. There is a  possibility of cancellation, but  We will make a final decision on April 2nd.

We are all in this together; Covid19 does not differentiate between political parties, race, sex, etc. It does though have a higher lethality, with the Greatest Generation, the Silent Generation, and the Baby Boomers. Our only defense is to prevent the spread, and we have to do it now. Later is too late. We live in a great country with an extreme amount of resilience. It will be a tough few months, but our country will survive the pandemic and roar back.


Now begins the regular blog

To clarify Lucky has not canceled Easter!  He has only canceled the Eat-Pray-Swim celebration of Easter.  Lucky has never been responsible for canceling any religious holiday, ever.  Unless you count the National hang naked by your feet from a barn rafter, summer solstice, event, of which, he was the only participant.

Great news!  To respond to the inconvenience of coronavirus restrictions on Lucky’s Lake Swim, we will be cutting the normal admission by 50% for six weeks following the lifting of travel bans.

Please do not take Lucky’s Lake Swim toilet paper rolls.  We have several broad-leafed weeds growing in the yard, and you are welcome to as many of these as you wish to pull.

Since folks may have some extra reading time the next couple of weeks, may I recommend The Immune Ebook version .Audio Book version.  A charming little allegorical tale of America and a warning of what not to give up in the time of National crisis. (OMG is Lucky trying to profit off the Coronavirus pandemic? Shame, shame!)

Unbelievable, These two kids are doing a presentation at Palm Lake Elementary on Famous Floridians day. Can you guess who they are dressed as? Well, none other than our very own Doc Lucky. My understanding is that they got an A+ on presentation but a D- on subject selection. This is having an unimaginable effect on our education system, with the state protesting the subject material by closing down several schools of higher education. It’s happening all over, read the news.

So, the water temp of Lucky’s Lake Swim is now live on the website. You can view the current temp at any time. This particular temperature was somewhat concerning. Pastor Tom refused to swim that day,and others claimed that something was tearing at their souls during the entire swim. If you repeatedly click on the text, which says, “Click here to see Temps” it will not take you anywhere as it is a photo, not a link, unless you click on it precisely 100 times, and then you can click on this link. Please click 100 times before clicking the second link. Thanks “The Management”

Congrats to Danielle, who scored her 150 cap. Her athletic accomplishment was lived vicariously by her parents, who photobombed her moment of glory. You never saw Michael Phelps mom climbing on the Olympic victory stand with him, did you now?

The Below video is of Lucky’s Lake Swim’s beloved start dog, Luna. It turns out that Luna has many talents that may not be known to most of our swimmers. This is a kid-friendly video.

@doctorluckymeisenheimerA good dog. ##lunadog ##DocLucky ##FYP ##foryou ##foru ##foryoupage ##dog ##dogfunny ##dogs ##comedy ##funny ##humor ##viral ##UltraSmoothMoves ##trending ##trendy

♬ Jump – Kris Kross

 This is an educational video of one of our most esteemed Lake Swimmers explaining how the Coronavirus is spread.  This may not be a kid-friendly video or even adult-friendly for that matter.  Viewers have been warned

@doctorluckymeisenheimerCoronavirus myth vs pigmaan ##doclucky ##pigmaan ##pigman ##corona ##coronavirus ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##foru ##gross ##monster ##dark ##comedy ##humor ##funny♬ original sound – doctorluckymeisenheimer

Doc Lucky Meisenheimer

Doc Lucky Meisenheimer

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