Zombie Cause Films that Lucky's Lake Swimmers have big Roles!
Dicking with a Horde Multiple Swimmers
Zombie Boy's Birthday AJ
Cabinet of Blood Alyce
Zombie Attractants and Repellents Multiple Swimmers
Door stop/alarm (Barbara) Multiple Swimmers
Corpse Carlos
Introducing Headshot Multiple Swimmers
Doc Ruger Ron and others
Scrab Bite Rowdy
Sprinter Rowdy
Introducing Pappy 5X Seb
Introducing Silent Blade Multiple Swimmers
Introducing Zombie Boy Larry others
Stryker Audrey and Rowdy
Zomborium and Office Zombie Geroge
Tsunami Multiple Swimmers
Introduction to the Zombie Cause Multiple Swimmers
Zombie Restraint Device Fred C.
Pool Cue Kill Jerry
Horde in One Seb
Zombie Triple Multiple Swimmers
Crawler Meisenheimer Boys
Aquaslog Meisenheimer Boys
Minion Mark
Legless Ariel
Quib Ariel
Stupid Zombie Unknown
MRE "Meal Ready to Eat" Mel 2
Birthday Present Hugh
Choker John
Dissecting Table Jack
Lab Cav Jack
Functional Temp Range Jack
Luring Chris
Puddin Head Chris
Zombie Egg unknown swimmer
Zombie Cause Whistle unknown swimmer
Double Tap unknown swimmer
Monoclasp unknown swimmer
Shadow Squeezer Brandy
Salarva Mi and Don
Zombification Hannah and Duncan
Zombie in the Swimming Treadmill Fred
Chewscrew Brandy